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Epigram have asked Wills Meme-orial to remove post due to ‘defamation’

The meme included the co-editors of Epigram at an ‘Insufferable Personality Competition’

Epigram have requested for a meme made by Wills Meme-orial Building to be taken down "due to legal threats of "defamation"".

The scandalous meme in question is set at an "Insufferable Personality Competition", where the editors of Epigram are competing against a vegan.

The admins of Wills Meme-orial Building have not removed the meme completely from their page. Instead, they have written over the blurred meme: "This image has been removed due to legal threats of "defamation" from lovers of free speech".

One of the co-editors took to Facebook to share his opinion of the meme drama: "Oh sure, let's engage in targeted harassment of individual students and then pretend to care about mental health. Destructive, cruel and completely out of line."

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An older Wills Meme-orial post about Epigram

Meanwhile, one Wills Meme-orial Building admin has commented on behalf of the team: "We understand we over-stepped the mark by posting a picture of the Epigram team, but would like to kindly remind them that it is just a meme and we are well with in our rights to express our issues with the publication and it's fear of new media and ridicule."

The misunderstanding as to whether the post was "targeted harassment" or "just a meme" is up for discussion. Either way, the meme ordeal does call freedom of speech into question.

Epigram have declined to comment.