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Bristol University Conservative Association auction off Rees-Mogg signed bucket hat to prevent bankruptcy

Bucket hat to bail out BUCA

In a bid to save Bristol University Conservative Association (BUCA) from bankruptcy, the society has launched an auction selling merch signed by everyone's favourite MP for North East Somerset.

Yes, you could find yourself lucky enough to win a Jacob Rees-Mogg signed bucket hat. I personally can’t wait for the ‘Which item of clothing is your halls?’ article in which Badock triumphs with the JRM headwear.

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You could be the coolest kid in Motion

Among other things, you could also get your hands on 'Road to Serfdom’ by Friedrich Hayek. There truly is nothing like free market economics to get the blood pumping on a lazy Sunday morning. But wait a minute. IT’S SIGNED as well. What a steal for only £20. Quick, go get it before I do.

So why do the Tory society need the money?

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How'saaaaaaaaaaaaaaa for a prize

Two weeks after Jacob Rees-Mogg was confronted by protestors at UWE, Mogg gave a talk at BUCA for which extensive security was provided, meaning that the student group paid nearly £500 in total.

Rees-Mogg told the Bristol Post: "It didn't occur to me that a university association would have to pay a fee for a speaker to come.

"This is really hostile to freedom of speech. If the university does not provide basic security for visiting speakers, what are students paying their fees for?"

It's certain that students' fees weren't paying for his security, but they could be paying for his signed merch to help BUCA.

Images of the items being auctioned have been obtained from the society's auction webpage.