Vote for your favourite Bristol NUS Referendum music video

Cringey or great?

As the NUS Referendum begins and the campaigning for both sides of the debate continues, the two opposing sides have released music videos to help win undecided voters over to their cause.

Bristol Out of NUS (BONUS)

On the other side of the fence is BONUS (Bristol Out of the NUS), with their video featuring leading campaigners for the cause singing along to an original song with occasional breaks to voice the reasons they believe we should leave.

Entitled ‘Dear NUS’, the song’s chorus acts a personal message sent to the NUS in the form of ‘NUS, I must confess, you are a mess, only pursuing your self-interests.”

The Campaign to Stay in the NUS

Yes2NUS, the group campaigning to keep Bristol SU a member of the National Union of Students released a cover of Major Lazer and DJ Snake’s hit ‘Lean on’ (feat. MØ), changing the songs lyrics to reflect their campaign goals.

The video features employees of the SU along with others girating around some of the University’s notable locations singing lines such as ‘Do you recall, not long ago, Bristol founded the NUS’ and ‘vote yes to the NUS’ tracking the catch melody of the songs pre-chorus.

You can find the Yes2NUS video here.

Voting is open between 17th-20th of October, and you can cast your vote, along with reading more extensive breakdowns of the arguments for both sides of the referendum on the Student Union’s website below: