UK-wide cyber attack targets Bristol university internet

35 network connections across the country have gone down

Adding to the pressure of end of term essay deadlines, the University of Bristol’s websites are facing painfully slow connection problems due to an attack by hackers.

An email was sent to all UoB students today at 12pm informing them the slow and intermittent network connections are due to a malicious attack on the Janet network.

The Janet network, a publicly-funded academic computer network which provides network capabilities for Universities across the country, first experienced connection issues at 9am this morning.

The “distributed denial of service” attack (DDoS) led to 35 connections across the country going down with connectivity issues reportedly occurring for most institutions.

The University of Manchester’s WiFi went down completely today while Bristol’s stayed alive, proving that things down south just work better.

After probably getting bored of their three day World of Warcraft marathon, the hackers have chosen to strike at the worst possible moment and have infuriated students across campus who hurriedly trying to finish work in time for Christmas deadlines.


Cara Loukes, a first year Politics Students, said: “This is infuriating! My Google email account got hacked yesterday and now this has happened. What is going on with the world?”

Isobel Wimbleton, a second year Law Student, said: “I’m so frustrated, I’m going to get some stuff on Blackboard now before it all goes down.”