Northwell House on fire after fresher suffers cooking disaster

When will these first years learn?

Firefighters were called to Northwell House last night after a fresher’s late night snack went horribly wrong.

One of the hall’s kitchens caught fire when an inattentive first year started an oil fire, allegedly while trying to cook Super Noodles.

Three fire engines arrived on the scene to deal with the blaze and the firemen were fortunately able to stop the fire spreading any further.

A statement from Avon Fire & Rescue said the fire was caused by oil catching fire.

They said: “It’s thought the fire started accidentally after some oil was left in a grill and it was turned on without being removed.

“The fire affected the cooking area of the kitchen, with smoke damage to the rest of the flat. Fortunately, no one was hurt.”

The fire follows the recent evacuation of Colston Street Halls owing to another failure in the kitchen.

One resident told The Tab: “It was a kitchen fire which resulted in everyone being evacuated.”

That's unfortunate

That’s unfortunate

Residents were kept outside for half an hour before while fire services dealt with the flames. They were then allowed to re-enter the building.

Users on Yik Yak have been posting vigorously about the fire, with one user posting: “Living the drama: Some Gordon Ramsay wannabe burns their super noodles, setting off a fire alarm, and suddenly it’s the Great Fire of Bristol.”