BREAKING: freshers evacuated as Colston Street halls burns

It’s not icecream this time

Bristol Uni freshers are being evacuated from Colston Street halls due to a massive fire.

Photos of the burning building have been doing the rounds on Facebook, as innocent freshers were taken to Orchard Heights to escape the blaze.

Reports have yet to confirm the reason why Colston St Halls were left burning.

One student speculated as to where the fire started.

“I think the fire spread from flat 11 but it’s travelling down. What the fuck! I’ve just come back from lectures and it was on fire!”

“All of my stuff is in there – my iPad, my laptop. Shit, where am I going to sleep tonight?”

No student has been reported injured so far.

Cassie Burgen, a resident of Colston St Halls told us,

“Apparently it starteon the top floor, and everything from that floor has gone. Nobody’s been injured that we know of.”