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Edmund Wise
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Capitalism is dying – and we’re all becoming socialists

51 per cent of millennials ‘do not support’ it

‘Our route would have taken us past three of the locations’: We spoke to Bristol students in Paris

Over 120 people have been killed in Paris attacks

LASS in the ASS: ‘We’re not sexist’

Facebook page admin insists it’s just ‘something fun’

A guy climbed to the top of Thekla’s mast last night to win a £10 bet

Was it you?

FemSoc oppose journalism event featuring controversial speaker Milo Yiannopoulos as it ‘violates safe space policy’

He was banned from Manchester uni for making transphobic comments and denying rape culture

BBC TV crew seen filming outside the ASS for new crime drama

There’s no one famous in it though…

Students demand Bristol SU takes action over freezing weather

They’ve had to lose the harem trousers

Bristol Uni Mathematics fresher found dead in his room

The police are still investigating

BREAKING: freshers evacuated as Colston Street halls burns

It’s not icecream this time

There’s going to be an anti-cuts protest on Wednesday

‘People are angry’

Auditions for Fuze 2016 are open

You should be making a song and dance about it

I asked a dating app expert how to get a girlfriend

She told me ‘don’t be afraid of showing your quirky side’

Meet the ‘born again’ Pastor on campus who thinks we’re all sinners

He gave us advice on how to be saved on Judgement Day

Rugby heart-throb Gavin Henson got loose with freshers in Bristol last night

His friend stole my chips and threw them on the floor

Welcome to Bristol, beautiful, bewildering capital of great times

This is what you need to know to fit in

A graffiti artist called Wes keeps spraying his name on Bristol

And it’s still less predictable than Banksy

Tributes paid to legendary club owner John Lounge who passed away on Tuesday

‘I’ll make sure to raise that jug of green stuff to the iconic John’

New Vice Chancellor outlines jargon-filled vision for Bristol Uni

Bristol has a ‘thriving knowledge economy’ apparently

We’ve realised taking drugs is a human right, so hurry up and legalise them

It’s a big step in the right direction but we’re not there yet

Daredevil graffiti king wanted by police after painting on Avon Gorge

From the city that gave you Banksy

Apathy index: Which uni cares the least about their SU?

Over three quarters of UK students don’t vote in their SU elections

EXCLUSIVE: Syndicate to become a ‘corporate events’ establishment

They’re going to hold banquets apparently

End of an era: Syndicate is closing down

3.7 million people have been to Syndi since 2006

Bristol porn baron Jonny Rockard wants a ‘bottom-up’ political revolution  

He’s issued a G-string of demands

If Lord Sewel wants to snort coke off prostitutes then let him

There are more serious things to worry about than a pensioner having fun

We celebrated World Gin Day by drinking in London’s coolest gin bar

Stock up on the clear stuff for Maga this summer

Prisons were invented for girls who teapot in photos

I can’t be the only one who doesn’t get it

How to actually avoid being screwed over by your landlord

‘Some students live like animals’

What would you look like if you were a member of the opposite sex?

‘I’d have a decent C cup, and a big bum’

Radical left wing terrorists are going to attack Bristol sooner rather than later

Only Team America can save us now

Email screw-up sends application update to students who didn’t even apply to Bristol

They were all told their application to study Law is still under consideration

NUS to work with group who called Jihadi John ‘a beautiful man’

It makes perfect sense

UKIP candidate is ‘porn baron’ and star of x-rated film shot at UWE

‘Johnny Rockard’ is vice chairman for the party in Bristol

Here’s what men at Bristol think about ‘rape culture’

‘Our values have been eroded’

This fourth year is aiming to win a national bodybuilding competition

He taught us how to lift and everything

Everyone needs to stop talking about what they’ve given up for Lent

You’re not even Christian

Rugby boys given ‘final warning’ by Roo Bar for ‘naked antics’

Onlookers were ‘astonished’

Mysterious doctor: Peter Andre’s fiancée passes final medical exams

Bristol medic has finally finished her medical studies and become a doctor

‘Hateful’ poster suggesting transgender students are rapists appears on campus

Women, kindly surrender your boundaries

Wave your lighters in the air: smoking has been banned on campus

Student Council motion awaiting uni approval

Dear health thugs: Keep your clean hands off my filthy fags

Stop telling me what to do

Science duo want smoking banned outside the ASS library

They want us all to be healthier

You’re supporting the marking boycott because a postgrad and aspiring lecturer said you should

There wasn’t enough time to ask for your opinion

These two freshers took MD for the first time and went to the gym

Gurn while you burn (calories)

Donervan defiant amid rumours of uni eviction plot

Uni bosses have no authority over the kebab legend

What’s Bristol listening to this week?

We pride ourselves on being ‘wavey’ but some of us are listening to Ben Howard

Bristol is rubbish when there aren’t any students here

While you were ‘finding yourself’ abroad this summer, I was stuck in a half-empty city with nothing to do

Freshers forced to share rooms after university accepts too many students

Around 170 students have been told they will be sleeping on bunk beds, potentially until Christmas

People Who Boast About Not Revising Should Be Burnt With Fire

The Tab’s most florid columnist, Edmund Wise, has uncompromising views about people (especially rich ones) who claim not to revise.

Why YOU should back the strike

On Monday 28th April students will be protesting in support of striking lecturers. Edmund Wise is here to tell you why you should be joining them.

Traditions every fresher must uphold and love

You’re not a proper Bristol fresher if you haven’t done these things

How to spot a Tory or a Labour student

Can’t identify a Tory or a Labourite? Edmund Wise is here to help

In defence of rugby lads

Stop criticising them – and accept they’re more talented and less lazy than you. They’re entitled to have some fun

Meet the Bristol Fresher who brought Tinder to the UK

Julian Hislop played a key role in bringing dating app Tinder to the UK

UBU is watching you

Edmund Wise explains why he is sick of totalitarian morons trying to control people.

My Badock Blog

The diary of a Badock student…

Why clubbing is shit

Edmund Wise despises clubbing. Here’s why…

Students: turn off your phones

Edmund Wise is sick of people being glued to their mobile phones

Time to defend student drinking and smoking culture

Our controversial new Tab columnist, Edmund Wise, argues that sanctimonious bastards should stop attacking student drinking and smoking culture