Best dressed in the ASS library

Nobody goes there to actually study


This week, The Tab fashion hit up the Arts and Social Sciences library seeking out Bristol’s most stylish and studious. 

Between Bristol’s social hub – the ASS common room – the stairwells, and the smoking area, we managed to pick out those of you who bring a little ray of sunshine (with your outfit choices) to arguably the most dreary building on campus.

Were you spotted?

Oyinda Bamgbose, 3rd year Economics and Politics

Oyinda, 3rd year Economics and Politics

Chris Thomas, 3rd year English Lit

Chris, 3rd year English Lit

Celina Brar, 1st year

Celina, 1st year French and Italian


Yan, 1st year Economics

Gaby, 1st year

Gaby, 1st year French and Spanish

Oscar, 3rd year History

Oscar, 3rd year History

Lucy Kell, 1st year English Lit

Lucy, 1st year English Lit

Becky, 2nd year English Lit

Becky, 2nd year English Lit


Bertie, 2nd year English Lit

Naima Camara, 3rd year History

Naima, 3rd year History


Lydia, 3rd year History of Art

James, 1st year Music

James, 1st year Music