Sexual consent workshops are coming to Bristol

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University bosses and SU reps are teaming up to introduce sexual consent workshops to Bristol next year.

The workshops, which will be aimed at first-years, are designed to teach students what consent actually means and involves. It follows the introduction of similar classes at Oxford and Cambridge earlier this year.

Alice Phillips, the Equality, Liberation and Access Officer, is one of those helping to develop awareness of consent and she hopes the workshops will have a successful impact.

Alice wants you to ask for permission

Alice wants you to ask for permission (Photo: Jamie Corbin)

She told The Tab: “Sex and relationship education in the UK is very patchy, and rarely covers consent. It’s therefore really important to pick up this issue when students arrive at university.

“The aim of the workshops is that students will come out of them having developed their understanding of consent and able to apply what they have learned to their own relationships.”

The sessions aim is to get freshers to think about what consent means in practice, and that establishing consent from a partner to do one thing does not necessarily mean they have consented to anything else.

The workshops will also involve group tasks, such as defining consent and identifying myths and facts about rape.