Freshers are here, so we went to meet their parents

Mums and dads seemed pretty convinced their kids are going to have an awesome time at uni

This weekend, Bristol’s new class of freshers descended upon the city. They brought with them piles of luggage, the hope of a new start, and copious amount of alcohol.

Oh, and their parents of course.

The Tab went to Stoke Bishop to see what they had to say about their youngsters leaving the nest.

Richard with son Jack, from Chichester


Jack is studying History and living in Badock

Richard: “I hope Jack settles down in his studies, enjoys himself, and doesn’t get arrested.

“University has changed since I was a student in that you’re now having to pay for your education. It makes a big difference and focuses the mind somewhat, and makes you think about what you’re going to do once you’ve finished your course.”

Jack: “Am I going to behave myself during freshers week? No. Not a chance.”

Stephanos with son Markos, from Greece


Markos is studying Mechanical Engineering and living in Wills Hall

Stephanos: “I want him to settle in at Wills Hall and to feel at home. Hopefully he’ll work hard and have no worries.

“University will be totally different for Markos. For a start, he has a phone in his room, and a shower! I think the internet and the manner of communication is completely different to how it was during my time at university.”

Markos: “I’m going to behave during freshers week. Well, I’ll try!”

Angela and Derek with daughter Francesca, from Cardiff


Francesca is studying Philosophy and living in Badock

Derek: “I hope she becomes more independent, and that she learns where dirty linen goes. I think it will be a great experience for her.

“I’m not really worried for Francesca, she’s got a good head on her and she’s been away before in far more dangerous places than this!”

Angela: “University is far more organised than when I went. We were literally dropped off and that was it. We were left to our own devices.”

Ed with son Rupert, from Oxford


Rupert is studying Politics and French and living in Hiatt Baker

Ed: “I hope Rupert has a good time, doesn’t drink too much, and doesn’t get kicked out. I’m sure I can trust him to behave, he’s always very well behaved at home.

“When I arrived at university, I arrived on a bus. There were no parents and we just had to get on with it. Nowadays, parents wrap their kids in cotton wool.”

Pete with daughter Beth, from Kent


Beth is studying Virology and Immunology and living in Badock

Pete: “I just hope she has a great time. It’s a new chapter in her life, and I’m sure she’ll make lots of friends and settle in quickly.

“I don’t really have any worries about her for freshers week, she’s quite sensible and I think she’s ready for this. No worries really at all.”

Nora with son Connor, from Coventry


Connor is studying Geography and living in University Hall

Nora: “I hope he’ll be happy and has fun, I don’t have any worries for him, he’ll be fine. He’s quite a sensible boy and has been away for the past year.”

“The most obvious change at university since I was a student is the fees. I went for nothing and had a full grant. I suppose they also have more disposable income than we did.

“I went to university on the train from Coventry to Lancaster with two suitcases, my husband made the journey from London with nothing more than a backpack. Now we come with cars full of stuff!”

Diane and Stephen with son Charles, from St Albans


Charles is studying Biochemistry and living in Badock

Diane: “I hope he settles in and makes lots of friends, and just enjoys himself really. “

Stephen: “One word to sum up his freshers week would have to be… tiring!”

Steve with son James, from Wolverhampton


James is studying Economics and Management and living in Wills Hall

Steve: “I hope James enjoys what he’s studying and makes lots of friends. Hopefully he’ll like the environment here at Bristol.

“I doubt university has changed too much to be honest. They’re still 18 years old, moving away from home and living away from home for the first time. This is the first time James has been away, but I’m sure he’ll cope and be fine.”

James: “I hope I’ll behave myself during freshers week. Sometimes!”

Andrew with son Ben, from London


Ben is studying Physics and living in Churchill

Andrew: “I really hope Ben settles in well, he makes lots of friends, and gets the most out of his time at university. We think Bristol is a fantastic university and he’s really excited about his course.

“I also think he’ll get the most out of what Bristol has to offer in regards to clubs and societies.

“This is his first time away from home for an extended period of time, but I don’t really have any worries. He’s been away for shorter periods of time before and we’ve never had any issues, so I’m sure he’ll be fine.

“He’s well behaved… as far as I know!

“My main piece of advice for Ben would be to enjoy his time at university, and to remember he’ll be making friends for life. I hope he remembers that and sustains those friendships.”

Dawn with daughter Laura, from Surrey


Laura is studying Geography and living in Wills Hall

Dawn: “I hope Laura will have a great time and also manages to work hard. I don’t really have any worries about her, I suppose she’ll do some “sensible celebrating”.

“I suppose she’s starting university and going to all the events, so I hope she doesn’t party too hard!

“I think her overall experience this year will be amazing. I didn’t go to university, so the opportunity to live away from home with friends is something I never had and I’m sure she’ll enjoy it.”

Sudeshna with son Soham, from Reading


Soham is studying Mechanical Engineering and living in Hiatt Baker

Sudeshna: “The expectations are quite high! I’m a doctor so I always wanted Soham to be a doctor but his dad was an engineer, so he’s following in his footsteps.

“I’m sure Soham will be doing very well and I know Bristol is a very good university from a medical point of view, as well as an engineering point of view I assume. I’m sure Soham will do very well.

“I wouldn’t pretend to say I have no worries, I do! However, I expect that Soham will keep up to the challenges if there are any.”

Soham: “I will definitely behave myself, that’s going to be one of the top priorities.

“Even if my mum is going to be in Reading and I’ll be in Bristol, you still have to have that sense of being a family, and you can’t go against the family rules and traditions. So yeah, you’ve got to behave yourself as well as have fun.”