Sultry and seductive: Bristol’s sexiest male lecturers

Calling on all girls with daddy issues, vote on which male lecturer you find most sultry and seductive.

It’s time to vote for Bristol’s fittest lecturer. First up, it’s the men. Here are the nominees.

Ladies, vote on which lecturer you would like to jump your bones.

1) David Harry – History

Dr David Harry, the medievalist Photo: Bristol University website.

A legend of the History department, Dr Harry is obsessed with medieval Britain and the Reformation.

2) Professor Neville Morley – Classics and Ancient History

Neville Morley

Witty and charismatic. Photo: Bristol University website.

Nominated by our excellent contributor, Edmund Wise, Neville Morley is apparently attractive to both sexes as he performs Alan Partridge impressions in class. He’s ‘charismatic, funny, [a] classics cult of personality’ and has ‘sarcastic charm’.

 3)  Dr Jonathan Saha – History

Jonathan Saha

Innovative lecturer – Photo: Bristol University Website

One female source said of Saha: ‘I fancy Saha [be]cause he is so intelligent, very cool, young and quite good looking’.

4) Dr Luis Correia – Economics

Luis Correia

Photo: Bristol University website.

Number-crunching economics lecturer, Dr Luis Correia, is anticipated to become Portugal’s future Prime Minister, replacing Pedro Passos Coelho, later this year. One source suggested he is so hard working that many female students actually want to leave their number for ‘extra help’, whatever form that would take.

5) Mr James McFarthing – Modern Languages

James McFarthing

Deep thoughts. Photo: Bristol University website.

McFarthing is the star of the Modern Foreign Languages department. 

6) Dr Diego Acosta Arcarazo – Law

Diego Acosta

This cheeky lawyer is a favourite with the Law girls.

7) Dr Richard Pettigrew – Philosophy

Dr Richard Pettigrew

Photo: Bristol University website.

Richard is known to command the attention of the same 20 girls who surround him to ‘ask questions’ before each lecture. It would be embarrassing but somehow it’s not.

8) Dr Will Atkinson – Sociology

Dr Will Atkinson

Tarzan. Photo: Bristol University website.

Our source, who could not be named for legal reasons, said: ‘Tarzan-like Will Atkinson is the star of Sociology. He’s tall, with a beautiful Cumbrian accent and enormous biceps’.

9) Professor Daniel Karlin – English Literature

Daniel Karlin

English Literature legend Photo: Bristol University website.

Nominated as a legend of the Bristol English Department.

10) Mr Nick ‘the point’ Pointon – Law

Nick Pointon

Photo: Bristol University website.

When asked about why he was so popular, our source said ‘I dunno, he’s just insanely intelligent, quick-witted and funny and did really well in the lecturer’s moot’.

Want to nominate your lecturer? Email [email protected]