Why Tinder is great

Is Tinder really superficial? Kelly Mills is convinced Tinder’s the future.

It seems to be becoming a bit like Marmite; you either love it or you hate it. But you can’t ignore that the latest craze in online dating, Tinder, is sweeping the nation by storm.

Its marketing line is ‘it’s like real life, but better.’ A bold claim, but Tinder takes the initial awkwardness out of dating whilst appealing to that superficial nature in all of us. Potential matches are based purely on appearance and interest; it’s the basic laws of attraction in one little app.



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With Tinder there’s no uncomfortable exchanging of pleasantries, no awkward silences and no creepy older guys/cougars trying their luck (unless of course that’s what you like). Before you even begin chatting, there’s the safe feeling that both parties like what they see. The best part is that you can reject someone without feeling offensive or guilty – just a swift swipe to the left and you’re on to the next!

Another great feature of this revolutionary dating app is the radius setting. Other dating sites do have this feature, but the radius on Tinder can be set to as little as 2km, which ensures you don’t end up with the grimy locals from the outskirts of Bristol. Some have even been known to use Tinder as a means of securing a one-night-stand whilst on a night out. A little desperate, but you never know, it could blossom into something beautiful.


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Online dating for students is generally looked down upon. The general consensus is that young people don’t need it, but why not? Tinder appeals to the immediacy of our generation – if you put the effort in you could have a date within minutes!

So if you’re looking for love this Valentines Day, I suggest you get on Tinder. You never know, you could end up like this couple, who met on Tinder last year and got married last month! Adorable.1555504_575744309162025_460038282_n