Vote Now: Lounge V Bunker

Who wins? You decide

In the first of The Tab’s club battles, it’s the clash of the Triangle titans. These two awe-inspiring landmarks boast the perfect location, situated right next to the mighty Jason Donnervan. Those snobby Stokes Croft-adoring indie kids pretend to sneer down on these two iconic establishments, but we all know that they secretly love them.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come to pit them against each other. Register your vote and help decide who is the true king of the Triangle. 


An iconic Bristol student establishment

An iconic Bristol student establishment

Music: If you’re a fan of hearing ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ and ‘What Makes You Beautiful’  about three times a night, then you’ll absolutely love Lounge. The music’s exceptionally cheesy, appealing more to a crowd of Year 4 pupils than 18-21 year-olds, but let’s face it we all enjoy dancing to tunes we actually know. If you want to remember Steps and S Club 7 as they were and not as a group of overweight, tarnished-by-racist-scandal morons, then Lounge is the place for you.

If you're a fan of Lounge, you'll know this guy

If you’re a fan of Lounge, you’ll know this guy

Atmosphere: When it’s absolutely heaving it can be horrible. You literally can’t move; trapped in a very sweaty, smelly and rowdy crush. When the crowd’s at about the right level, though, it’s usually a good laugh – and the big benefit is that once you’ve got a stamp you can pop out and back in when you want. Try and stay clear of the toilets later on in the night, unless you want to see and smell the contents of somebody’s stomach.

Drinks: It’s all about the pound a Fosters offer. Wahey!

Queue: Always very long and can get a bit rowdy – plenty of ‘oi stop fucking pushing in!’ going on. You’ll also find plenty of fresher ‘rahs’ attempting and failing to chant like football supporters.

Chances of pulling: Very high. Come on, everyone’s pulled at Lounge at some point.


Bunker (Photo: Bristol Afterdark)

Bunker (Photo: Bristol Afterdark)

Music: Varied. You often find student DJs having a go and they’re usually shit (apart from the Tab’s very own Frankie Wates).

Atmosphere: Very good on BED Monday, which is arguably the biggest student night of all, but crap on weekends. Bunker has a bit of an obsession with Made in Chelsea – you’ll often find people queuing up to see somebody who went to Eton (seriously, do they not know anyone from Wills?). It also boasts the worst-enforced VIP area in Bristol – perhaps the world.

Blurry photo of Bunker shenanigans

Blurry photo of Bunker shenanigans

Drinks: You cannot call yourself a true Bristol student unless you have downed a Bunker beer.

Chances of pulling: Reasonably high, but Lounge probably wins in this area.

So folks, which is it going to be? Vote now.