Thrift Shop: Bristol’s Finest

Make like Macklemore and check out The Tab’s guide to the best vintage shops the city has to offer

For those looking to make their mark on Bristol’s notoriously edgy fashion scene, sometimes the high street just won’t cut it (and neither will your student loan).

1) Uncle Sam’s, 54A Park St, BS1 5JN

USP: Searching for that perfect winter cover-up? Uncle Sam has got it covered, whether you’re into tweeds, bikers, furs or flying jackets – and if you’re lucky, you might find one with your name on it…

Uncle Sam’s – a haven for Dicks.

Uncle Sam’s


2) Urban Fox, 58 Corn Street, BS1 1JG

USP: Sequinned tops, Fresh Prince of Bel Air-style jackets and Doc Martens. (A word of advice: wearing someone else’s old shoes may not be the best way to make friends during your first term at uni).


Urban Fox

Someone could have died in those shoes.

3) Shop Dutty, 116 Cheltenham Rd, BS6 5RW

USP: Edgy streetwear, but also home to a vintage ‘Gold Mine’ downstairs. Accessories galore, including some wacky headgear.

Questionable hats at Shop Dutty.

4)Re Psycho, 85 Gloucester Rd, BS7 8AS

USP: ‘Retro Superstore’ covering all your vintage needs, from basketball tees to kitsch 60s kitchenware.

Gloucester Road: vintage paradise.

5) Shop, Gloucester Road

USP: Charity shop specialising in vintage apparel and ‘up-cycled’ pieces. Check out their ‘Fix Up Look Sharp’ range for customised denim shorts and innovative jewellery.

Feel-good fashion at Shop.

So now you can look sufficiently hipster without breaking the bank – and you can even save the planet while you’re at it. Happy shopping!