Honorary BNOC Of The Year

Because not all BNOCs are students…

Ladies and gentlemen, the nominations are in. Later this week, Bristol’s finest will battle it out for your votes to be crowned King (or Queen) of the BNOCs.

Before the main event, it seems only fair to pay tribute to those who have attained BNOC status despite not even being a student. They may not have to worry about exams or 9am lectures like the rest of us, but student life wouldn’t be the same without them.

But which of them is most deserving of the Honorary BNOC crown? The decision is in your hands.

John Lounge

John “Is Lounge Really His Last Name?” Lounge

For years students have been drinking their student loan away and ruining their academic prospects in this man’s nightclub. Whether you love or hate Lounge will probably affect how you feel about John, though even those too cool to dance to the Baywatch theme should at least admire his business savvy.

Jamie Corbin

Jamie Corbin: Taker of photos, wearer of hats

If you’ve been to a student event or house party in the last few years then you’ll know Jamie. A photographer so popular his absence from Dorma earlier this term led to protests, Jamie ensures no moment of a night out goes undocumented, which isn’t always a good thing!

Jason Donervan

Everyone’s favourite Australian soap star

Proving a sound business model is nowhere near as important as a great name, Jason Donervan has been lining the stomachs of drunk students for years now. Famed for their lightning-fast service, these guys can turn a rubbish night out into a rubbish night out with food at the end and for that we will always be grateful.

Big Issue Jeff

Jeff: A genuine boss-man

Jeff may not have been successful in his bid to carry the Olympic torch, but he’s an undisputed hero of the student community. Whether he’s brightening your day with a song or high-fiving you on a walk of shame, Jeff’s enthusiasm makes his corner of the Triangle one of the happiest places in Bristol.


Warning: Not an actual waffle

In many ways Churchill Hall’s Waffles lives like a student. He lies around all day with occasional breaks for food. He never does any studying. And he’s often groped by strangers looking for a cuddle. Waffles might want to steer clear of any particularly drunk students though.

Voting closes 4pm Thursday. Results will be announced on our Facebook and Twitter pages.