Who’s A Naughty Boy?

Anonymous student banned from Triangle for drunk and disorderly conduct

A foul-mouthed tirade against police officers earned one student a 24-hour ban from the Triangle earlier this week.

Proving hell hath no fury like a student who can’t handle his drink, the anonymous student shouted at police, “you f**king f**king c*nts, f*ck you”.

As a result, Bunker, Lounge and even Sainsbury’s were off-limits for the next 24 hours.

A photo of the police notice issued to the student was submitted to Bristol Uni Confessions by a friend. When asked if there was a greater story behind the notice, the reply was merely, “not really, exactly what it says on the tin”.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the police notice is it was issued at the ridiculously early time of 23:20, suggesting whoever involved had definitely peaked way too early on the night in question.

Thankfully, the ban expired in time for Valentine’s, ensuring the student’s night of romance wasn’t interrupted by the strong arm of the law.