Confessions: Round Four

Can Bristol Uni pull level with UWE in the Battle of the Confessions?

Yesterday UOB claimed a victory back against their city rivals, making the total score for the week Bristol 1, UWE 2.

Is the tide turning against UWE or was yesterday just a blip? Today’s Battle of the Confessions has an extra twist as we give you four, yes FOUR, Confessions to choose from. Two from UWE, two from UOB.

Same rules as ever. Vote for your favourite. You have until midday tomorrow (Voting extended until 4pm), a concept some people really don’t seem to get as we still have people trying to vote on Tuesday’s Confession. Check our Twitter feed @TheTabBristol for the winner.

Today’s Theme: Short And Simple

Put A Sock In It

If it wasn’t shocking enough my friend got with a girl, when they actually got around to doing the dirty, he realised he didn’t have any condoms so used a sock. Tragic.

Toilet Tomfoolery

My friend drunkenly took a photo under the door of one of the Lounge toilets and the next day looked through her camera at the night’s pics – there was a photo of a girl explicitly giving a guy head….

Tongue Lashing

I have a mate who pulled a girl in Lounge once who bit him so hard on the tongue it severed his frenulum. It’s now permanent. He still banged her though.

New York Style Masturbation

Ok so last year this guy got very very drunk and as a result very horny and as there were no girls around he reached for a bagel…It’s not hard to imagine what happened next.

Who will be your champion? It’s a four-way on the fourth day, get voting now!