This is what you should go as for Halloween based on your Bournemouth uni course

Because you can do a lot better than just buying some fake blood and calling it a day

Time is running out on pre-Halloween costume preparation. Everyone is busy at university but those house-parties and club nights are getting closer daily. Halloween is a chance to go absolutely crazy, show your personality, creativity, and if you want to – your body.

But where to even begin? With so much happening over the last year, so many new releases of films and tv and so many old iconic costumes to opt for, it can be overwhelming to even start looking.

So start here! If you’re stuck on what to dress up as this Halloween, this is what you should go as based on your AUB and BU course, (not all of them though because there’s like 70):

Any sports course

Squid Game. They made this show just to give sports students something to wear at Halloween. Put on your green trackies (or your red boiler suits) and do a shot. If that doesn’t float your boat, why not try an underwater theme? If anyone can pull off a mermaid costume it’s a sports girl.


Harry StylesIt’s all I can hear walking past the photo studios. Any of his photoshoot or tour outfits. Plus I bet you already have the clothes for it. 


Film students never fail to amaze me around Halloween. Either it’s a costume so niche that no-one recognises it or it’s a costume you thought was niche but everyone is wearing it. Or it’s not a niche costume and though you may feel judged, at least you will be recognised. You should go as one of the costumes from Everything Everywhere All at Once. Hot dog fingers or one of Joy’s million different fits. It’s the year for it. Or there’s always Twilight.

Business / finance

You know what’s coming. I know what’s coming. Patrick Bateman baby! With the popularity of American Psycho costumes last year I have no doubt we’ll be seeing boys (and our bravest girls) in suits galore. If that doesn’t float your boat, you could always go down the Succession route, or literally anything else. This is no disrespect to the American Psycho costume, I am violently holding myself back from wearing it.

History / politics

This is not being lazy by grouping two courses together, this is me wanting to see as many royals as possible. It’s been a big year for the Royal family, a family that very much influences both history and politics. Play it safe with one of the lesser royals or go for a hard hitter. Fergie, Queen Victoria, Diana, Henry the eighth – the world is your oyster.

Creative writing

A Harry Potter character. Sorry x


Enough of all your scientific theories and experiments. Time to dress up as who you really want to be. A wizard. Or a witch. Let’s make some magic. Buy a pointy hat. Get a wand!


Black Swan. Please. I’m yet to see a Black Swan costume in person and I would love it. Black swan, white swan, or even just Natalie Portman in a cardigan. I will settle for crumbs. Want something a bit lighter? Go for a fairy costume.

Any art /makeup course

There’s no point in me advising the most creative course on how to dress for Halloween. What do you mean you need a recommendation? If you’re really stuck, you could always go for a Pop-Art makeup look. Or Björk.

Health and social care

I know you must be tired. You are my little angels, and for this reason, I want you to dress up as little angels. Or devils. Up to you, really. Go for a sexy bare-skin angel look or go straight up biblical and stick twenty eyes to your forehead. Either way, stick on some wings.


Euphoria. Whether you’re going for a few face gems and a nice outfit or a full-blown Jules angel-in-the-pool costume, I just feel like events students just get Euphoria.


I want scary! Full-blown Halloween villain. Drench yourself in blood. Go mental! Lose yourself in the costume. Jigsaw, Michael Myers, Ghostface, Freddy Krueger. When was the last time you went off the rails for Halloween?


Bet you didn’t think you’d see the acting course here but as an acting student myself, I have come to ensure it is included in the list. You should dress up as a Scooby Doo character and convince your house to go as a group costume. I have never met an acting student who didn’t like or identify with a Scooby Doo character. It’s your time to shine. Or there’s always Glee.


The Undead. With the amount of late-night studying you have to do on a law course, embrace your under-eye bags and go for a Vampire or a Zombie.


A haunted house. Just kidding. I’d say go as a pirate, we’re close to the sea and you deserve a bit of fun after all that maths.

Fashion / costume

Last Night in Soho. Whether it’s the smeared black eyeshadow, Anya Taylor Joy’s pink dress or that newspaper dress from the beginning, if you can dream it, you can make it. And this year is the best year for it because people are less likely to know who the hell you are next year. Don’t like LNIS? Go crazy – you are on the best course possible for inspiration. I’d advise looking through the fashion world’s craziest shows, think Alexander McQueen.

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