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The ‘You’ inspired 7 totems of Bournemouth University

Season two showed us the 7 totems of LA… so what are ours?

Season two of You dropped and we all lost several days of our lives binge watching it and tweeting about how much we’re all secretly on Joe’s side, despite his murderous tendencies. After fleeing New York at the end of season one, Joe started a new life for season two, in Los Angeles. Episode six came and Joe is told that there are ‘7 totems’ of LA and once you see all seven, you can never leave. Unfortunately, we’re not in LA, we’re at Bournemouth Uni. So, let’s list our seven totems instead and pretend we’re just as glamorous, shall we?

1) That one Teddy Bear jacket

I missed the meeting where all the ladies decided that this was THE university campus look, but you can’t walk through Poole House without seeing one, so it’s only fair it makes the list. If you haven’t seen one yet, you don’t go to your lectures enough.

2) Someone crying in the library

If you’re lucky enough to find a seat in the library on campus during exam time, you’ll have your books, laptop and excessive highlighters sprawled out in front of you and eventually, you’ll get bored and look up and have a glance around the room. Chances are, you’ll see a student surrounded by notes and it’s all got a bit much with the exam date looming. No judgement, studying is hard and, in all honesty, it was probably me.

3) Socks & slides in the rain

Our less fabulous version of the lady in shorts on roller-blades. I take personal offence to the socks and slides combination anyway, because unless you’re fresh out of the gym there really is no need for it. Alas, it’s a common look we all accept as part of the student attire, stubbornly worn on all occasions, that only seems to disappear when it’s snowing or raining. But if you spend enough time on campus, you’ll eventually see that one guy that just doesn’t care and proudly strides passed in his soaking Nikey socks.

4) That one homeless woman in Lansdowne that has a different story every time

I’d like to clarify that this is with no disrespect to the homeless, but if you’ve just left lollipop for some chilli chips, you may be approached by this one particular woman. One day she will tell you that she’s been on the street with her baby for years and the next time you see her, she’ll say she’s not homeless and it was only today she was thrown out by her boyfriend. Make sure you are polite because she is definitely homeless, regardless of if her stories add up or not and technically, this one only counts the second time you see her.

5) Dog in a pram

This one is fairly adorable. I’m sure you’ve seen the famous dog in the leopard print pram being pushed around Talbot Campus on someone’s snapchat story but, you have to see it in person for it to count. Sometimes you’ll see the pup being pushed out of the library, other times it’s leaving Poole House. Keep your eyes peeled because even if you don’t want to tick all seven off your list, who doesn’t want to see a dog in a pram?

6) A cleared-out Student Shop Red Bull fridge

This tends to happen around exam time, with people taking a break from the library to pop into Poole House and take advantage of the regular £1 each deal. The full fat, regular Red Bull will go first and then the tired and over-worked students will grab the sugar free version instead out of sheer desperation. Eventually, the entire fridge will be out of Red Bull and even though you’ll be exhausted and miserable, you’re one step closer to being a Bournemouth official.

7) A Bournemouth beach fire

Our version of the palm tree on fire, if you go down to the beach at night you’ll see a group of students sat around a home-made (probably unsafe but still legal) beach fire.

So, how many have you ticked off?