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Update: Police have issued a statement on Oxford Point naked flasher

There have been multiple reports since January


In a group chat for Oxford Point Halls, there has been talk about extremely vile and inappropriate behaviour from a naked man by the dual carriageway underpass – next to the AUB Madeira Halls.

The worst part about this whole issue is that the naked flasher has allegedly appeared more than once.

In late January of this year, a student living in the Oxford Point Halls took to the group chat to give awareness and warn others about the area with the man in question.

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The first report from a student living at Oxford Point

This man is described by this student as older and white. He is described to hide in the bushes next to the stairs to the underpass and steps out of the bushes by targeting girls as they go past.

There was then another report in March of this year reminding people of what was said in January and how the vile crime happened again.

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Another report confirming another inappropriate occurrence in the same group chat

When this happened, someone reported it to the security guard at Madeira Halls who went to look around the underpass area but by this time, the man had left the area. As mentioned below in their chat, it brings up all kinds of concerns about how that area is used at all hours of the day, especially by people getting to work and how dangerous it is.

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Concerns from students over how this area is used at all hours

One witness told the Bournemouth Tab: "This man very carefully places himself in the shadows of the Madeira Road.

"This man then exposes only his erect penis and and lower body into the light whilst keeping his upper body in the dark of the surrounding hedges and makes noises, either coughing or deliberately rustling the bush around him to grab female student's attention.

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This is the road where the sightings have allegedly taken place

"I heard the jangling of his belt buckle so I looked over and he had his jeans pulled half way down and was masturbating in the clearing shown in the photo. This was at about 1:30 to 2am. I would say about five of my friends have seen him and it seems to be the same man as we can all recall how pale his skin is."

The male has been described by the witness as age 40 or above, white, male, around 5 ft 9 to 6 ft, and has been seen wearing blue denim jeans.

She added: "I feel so unsafe to walk down a student accommodation road."

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This is the clearing where the witness describes the man has been seen, situated on Madeira Road

Neighbourhood Inspector Jonathan Wasey said: "I appreciate that these incidents are unpleasant and worrying and I would like to reassure members of public that officers from the local neighbourhood policing team are fully aware of these incidents and will be carrying out regular visible patrols in this area.

"We have also been working with the university teams to remind students to report all incidents of this nature to Dorset Police as it is possible this has not happened previously."

Four incidents of this nature have been reported with varying descriptions, stating that the flasher is white, around 35-40 years old, bald or with short hair, of average or skinny build, and is between 5 ft 10 to 6 ft.

Officers attended and carried out a search but no offender was located and no arrests have been made.

He added: "I would encourage people to dial 999 immediately so officers can be sent to the scene to carry out a search for the offender. It is important that as much detail as possible is provided with regards to the location and suspect.

"I would urge anyone with information about these incidents or who knows who may be responsible to please contact Dorset Police quoting occurrence number 55190046262."

If any of you experience this most inappropriate behaviour, please make sure to report and log it with the Police on 999. If you need any additional support should this happen to you, the Wellbeing and Support Teams at both Universities are there to help with any issues such as this.