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Bournemouth University has made a diversity video with only white speakers

People argue it has failed to promote equality

A Bournemouth University video promoting equality has faced backlash, as it contains no BME speakers in it.

The video, released in mid January, set out to show the uni's work towards a welcoming and diverse community.

But it has been ripped apart by students this week, who have noticed a lack of racial diversity and minorities throughout the video, saying it "failed to acknowledge" achievements that minority students and staff worked towards.

The actual video features a white male presenter for its entirety, who talks about mental health, people of colour, the LGBT+ community and other events and societies within the university.

SUBU President Daniel Asaya spoke out on the lack of representation:

More and more people kicked off, including staff:

SUBU's Black Student Campaign told The Tab Bournemouth they felt the work of black students and staff was ignored. They said: "We are upset by the lack of diversity within the video and that it failed to acknowledge the efforts made by black students, staff and students, and staff of colour.

"In order to move forward we need to ensure inclusivity is clear and a more diverse representation is needed."

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BU African Caribbean society also expressed their disappointment with the video. They told The Tab Bournemouth: "They didn't include anyone of colour in a diversity video. It didn't mention any of the wonderful events that happened at Black History Month and how successful it was, or include any videos or photos of what we did.

"It also didn't even mention Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Awards and how fantastic the turn out was, not one photo from the BME awards was included.

"But they did get videos, photos for a LGBT & Disability month. They mentioned Black History Month and that was it."

The university has been approached for comment.