Bournemouth University’s campus is having a 2018 shake-up

There’s going to be six changes to BU this year

Bournemouth University has announced six new plans for the campus this year.

The changes, which consist of building work, projects and investments were announced in a mysterious Twitter thread from the uni's account, briefly outlining the plans for this year.

New accommodation

A new halls complex is being built right next to Cranbourne, and will house 550 new freshers. As long as they don't flood Cameo, I'm fine with it.

Poole Gateway Building

A brand spanking new build, the Poole Gateway Building will become the new hub of media, science and technology. The plans look quite prestige, with building work set to start this summer nearby the existing Poole House.

Bournemouth Gateway Building

Another new building you say? Move over Talbot Campus, this is being constructed in the St Pauls area, ready for Health and Social Sciences students to swarm into. It's even going to have a library, so hopefully even more panicked students can study in peace.

Link Road

For those of you who skr skr around uni, this one's for you. A fancy new road is due to open later this month to provide easy access to the BU car parks, and the buses should be able to use the road too.

Maybe I'll make it to my lectures on time now!!

Some new signs

Not the most riveting update, but BU is studying how we all attempt to navigate around campus in order to improve their signage system. Perhaps this will be the end of the mare around campus, eagerly trying to find Shelley lecture theatre mid-panic.

More academic space

Simply put, this means more seminar rooms and lecture theatres. More labs will be found in Poole House, and will be a vast improvement to the cabins some seminars find themselves in.

BU is truly embracing the new year, new me vibe.