We want Bournemouth’s grimmest Freshers’ Week confessions

Freshers: it’s time to send in your most grim stories

Right, let's be honest, the sad realisation of actually being a student is starting to kick in now that freshers' is almost over. The familiar phrase of "let's miss this lecture, it will be reet" will be replaced by "come on let's go to the library" very, very soon.

However, do not fear as here we are to keep all those memories of Freshers' Week alive – and that is why we are asking for your grimmest, dirtiest and messiest confessions to share with us – it could be about you, your housemate or even something truly horrific you saw.

Raise your hands if you're embarrassed

Raise your hands if you're embarrassed

Did you throw up in a random place? Witness your flatmate doing something they really shouldn't? Did you have a date that went horribly wrong or even had a nightmare from the dance floor? We want to hear from you.

Send your confessions to our Facebook page, and we'll shortlist our favourites to reveal Bournemouth's most grim fresher moments.

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This can be anonymous, and if you have any pictures that illustrate a beautifully grim moment unfolding – please send them our way.

You also don't have to be a fresher – we know you second years and over still get carried away.

Send in all your juicy goss by Thursday 5th October at midnight. We can't wait for you to dish the dirt.