An AUB graduate illustrates for the Great British Bake Off and it is incredible

Pies have never looked so good

Ever wondered who does those miraculous sketches of tasty treats in one of Britain's most loved baking shows? Well look no further.

One AUB grad does just that, and food has never looked so good.

Tom Hovey – an AUB illustration graduate – is the man behind those beautiful drawings that grace our screens every Tuesday at 8pm and leave us dribbling for baked goods.

Tom finished his degree eleven years ago, before bagging the job at GBBO.

Just LOOK at his masterpieces.

Don't mind if I do.

A self confessed food illustrator to the stars, Tom's work is pretty exceptional, proving that Bournemouth students really do make it big time.

His Instagram is actually dreamy, and it'll make you hungry from just glazing over it.


He now has his own website, which is the perfect way of showing how his creativity grew and grew whilst in Bournemouth, forming a food-illustrating God.

Living quite literally a dream job, Tom is paid to look at baking luxuries and sketch them into 2D art, looking as tasty as the real thing.

He now, and rightly so, labels himself as 'the guy who draws all the cakes'.

Keep doing yo thing, Tom.

Featured Image by Tom Hovey.