Everyone stop what you’re doing: Revolution has a vodka-filled unicorn frappe on their new cocktail menu

Vodka? In a frappe? Yes, yes please.

The student-loving Revolution Bar have brought five new cocktails to their menu, and Bournemouth Revs is definitely not missing out.

Oh yes, and the most exciting part about the whole thing is that the new drinks are totally insta-worthy.

Exhibit A is an all-new unicorn frappe, a satisfying mix of pink and blue fluorescent colours of strawberries, blueberry jam and raspberry and melted ice cream, topped with bubblegum sauce and cream.

Oh, and did I forget to mention… it also contains vodka.

If you're going out on the lash with your new pals for freshers, you don't want to miss going here for pres.

Exhibit B is red bull (tropical edition btw) mixed with vodka, Aperol and sweet pear syrup. Yes, please.

This is just another thing to get excited about when going back to uni, as well as the late-night pizza deliveries and messy parties/nights out you can't deny you've missed.

Refreshing enough to get you hyped for the night – which will most definitely end up in Cameo – this new cocktail named Grin & Pear It won't let you down.

Get me to revs asap

Get me to revs asap

Other new fresh cocktails include Tropic Thunder, Berry Appetising (which is tangy in a way that makes you go "oh my god, amazing" while you suck your cheeks in) and the classy Pimped Aperol Spritz.

Revs, you never fail to reel us back in.

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