‘The biggest picket line turnout in a long time’: The first day of strikes at Birmingham Uni

Strike coverage from UoB on Thursday November 24th


Last week almost every university in the country went on strike for two days on Thursday and Friday (24th and 25th), with the third and final day of strikes happening this Wednesday (30th).

The Birmingham Tab spoke to a student who attended the picket lines to see how the strikes went on Thursday, we also have coverage coming for what happened on Friday at the strikes, and we will also be reporting events on Wednesday.

On Thursday the main picket line for UoB strikers was by the University Station, opposite the medical building.

The student that The Birmingham Tab spoke to said that the mood at the strikes was “really good”.

She also said how this was the biggest turn out for strikes at UoB in a long time.

The picket lines were not only filled with staff who were taking part in the strike, but also students who were in support of the strike. The student that The Birmingham Tab spoke to said that students spoke out to the picket lines, it wasn’t just staff who were rallying.

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