We asked UoB students how safe they really feel in Selly

Stay safe Selly

Is it the hype of Fab n Fresh or is Selly actually unsafe? Posts flood through each week reporting break-ins, catcalls and don’t forget the Selly flasher. Students are also up against fireworks incidents, with students last week nearly hit by fireworks whilst walking down Selly, so it’s not surprising that students feel unsafe.

The Birmingham Tab spoke to UoB students about the standard of Selly’s safety, Beth*, a UoB student is even too scared to leave her windows open. “Living in fear every night. Too scared to leave my windows open overnight in summer,” she commented.

Recently, West Midlands Police have been going door to door advising people to sign up to email updates about crime in the local area. They have been ensuring these precautions are taken to minimise the risk of burglaries.

Sam* a fourth-year student, after experiencing an attempted break-in, is pleased the police have a strong presence locally. “It was creepy to see the outline of someone pressed against the door and trying to open it, the police got involved and so it didn’t feel too unsafe.”

UKCrimeStats show that the statistics for violent crime are the highest they have been from the period of September 2019 to August 2020. The recent Birmingham stabbings, where a man in Selly Oak was arrested, also prove that Selly’s crime doesn’t just stop at burglaries.

The Birmingham Tab posted on insta and after this many students got in contact with us, with many of them concerned with the rising firework incidents which are happening in Selly.

UoB students responded, with most of them feeling unsafe in Selly. “There are guys shooting fireworks at people in the street #sellynotsafe,” one user wrote.

Another user was worried about the firework incidents in Selly. “Not with the constant firecrackers. It’s annoying,” they said.

The Birmingham Tab previously contacted West Midlands Police about the rising firework incidents in Selly. “Letting off fireworks in the street or even open spaces is reckless behaviour which could easily lead to serious injury. It’s lucky no one has been hurt. As well as the danger to personal safety we’d remind everyone that it is against the law to set off or throw fireworks in the street or a public place,” they told The Birmingham Tab.

However, not all students are concerned with Selly’s safety, one user commented “I feel safe never experienced anything bad.”

Magnus Carter-Burns, UoB second year student, posted this photo with the caption ‘attempted break in’ on Fab N’ Fresh.

Magnus believes students need to take their own safety precautions in Selly. “Selly isn’t going to be completely safe. It’s like most other student living areas, you just have to be sensible and you’ll be fine,” he told The Birmingham Tab.

*Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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