‘It exploded close to my feet’: UoB students react to Selly firework incidents

Four firework incidents have been reported in Selly over the last few weeks

During last weekend when students were walking up the streets of Selly trying to enjoy Halloween before miss rona puts us into a second national lockdown, out of nowhere multiple fireworks were set off out of car windows and thrown towards them.

Scott, a 3rd year UoB student had a firework explode right by him over the weekend on Bournbrook Road. “The car slowed down and threw it out. It exploded close to my feet and ruined my hearing for 10 minutes. Luckily apart from that I wasn’t hurt!” he told The Birmingham Tab.

West Midlands Police told The Birmingham Tab, “we have received reports of four incidents involving fireworks being let off in the Selly Oak area between 19 October and 1 November.”

Nat, a second year UoB student was walking with her boyfriend on Exeter Road on Saturday night when a firework was set off.  “We heard a loud noise and then suddenly this firework went off about three metres behind us so we both ducked and we were a bit shell shocked. After it exploded two houses came out their doors and wondered what went on.”

Nat, tried to catch the offenders. “These four guys sprinted past us and I assumed they were the offenders so I tried to grab them but failed. We checked no one was hurt and then we just walked back to my house and I called the police. They told us there had been a few reports that night,” she told the Birmingham Tab.

Nat, was confused about who was threw the fireworks. “This car drove past as well at the time of the incident so I don’t know if it was the car who threw it or the guys that ran past. I was absolutely furious though I couldn’t stop shaking I was so angry.”

Selly has not been the only area in Birmingham affected by recent firework incidents, during the last few days 40 flares were fired from a display-size firework from a car driving along Coventry Road, Birmingham.

The Birmingham Tab contacted West Midlands Police about these frequent firework incidents in the Selly Oak area. West Midlands Police are yet to find the people responsible behind the Selly incidents. “Officers have attended on each occasion but found no sign of the people involved.”

“We are also aware of a number of reports on social media of similar incidents which have not been reported to us,” they told The Birmingham Tab.

“Letting off fireworks in the street or even open spaces is reckless behaviour which could easily lead to serious injury. It’s lucky no one has been hurt. As well as the danger to personal safety we’d remind everyone that it is against the law to set off or throw fireworks in the street or a public place,” they continued.

West Midlands Police are urging anyone with concerns to contact them. “We are stepping up patrols in the area and anyone with concerns can find more information on our website at https://west-midlands.police.uk/node/3635.” 

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