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‘It exploded and sparks went everywhere’: UoB student attacked by firework on Tiverton Road

The latest in a series of violent incidents in Selly Oak

A second-year University of Birmingham student has been attacked by a live firework whilst walking home through the Selly Oak area.

Emily Leonard, a Biomedical Sciences student, was walking the short journey back to her house, at around 10.00pm Wednesday night. Whilst walking up Tiverton Road, a black car sped past her, throwing a live firework at her feet.

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Tiverton Road, where the incident occured.

Quickly realising what it was, she sprinted to the opposite side of the road with it discharging only moments later. “As I got [to the other side] it exploded, and sparks went everywhere,” she said. "Luckily, I had made it out of range, but I rang my friend and ran the rest of the way home."

Thankfully unscathed, upon arriving at her house she alerted the police, who assured her that she did the right thing by notifying them, although they did not let her know of any further action they may or may not be taking in regard to this incident.

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Emily's post in Fab n Fresh

In a post on the student 'Fab N Fresh' Facebook Page, Emily warned others of the event soon after it occurred, following a longstanding trend of students alerting one another to violent and criminal activity in the neighbourhood through social media.

With a call from the students to increase the safety of the area, following the stabbing of a man on Heeley Road earlier this month, pressure is being put on the University of Birmingham and the West Midlands Police Service to improve and invest in the long-term security of Selly Oak.