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From cute to cringe, we asked students about their UoB love stories

Get your tissues at the ready

Rose, International Relations

"I met my boyfriend through my best friend from home, who was living with him in first year. I invited my friend and him on a night out to Tektu with me. At the height of the night, in a haze of happiness and hornyness, he gave me the look and when my friend wasn’t looking we kissed on the dance floor. I insisted to my friend that they should both stay at mine. So it ended up being three in the bed and the little one said “Can I just fuck you in the bathroom?” The rest is history."

Joshua, Classics

"For the entirety of our course I’d thought she was so so beautiful. But she didn’t speak to anyone in our course, always left slightly early so as not to speak to anyone. I took to calling her cap girl as she didn’t have Facebook and no-one knew her name. It got to third year and we'd finally spoken. I organsied a date, which went really well, then after a few more times of meeting up, despite living two and a half hours away from each other, we got together and have been together ever since."

Luca, Biological Sciences

"I had a coffee with a girl on my course. Went really well and we both laughed. Although, one slight drawback was that she brought a friend along. Awkward."

Elizabeth, English Literature

"We were both Residents' Association members for first year student halls. On the very first day we met, he gave me his family watch. He told me he knew I was special and we hooked up on that night. After four months, I gave in and agreed to a date despite not having feelings for him. Eventually we got together as a couple and have been together for three years now. He's been with me through the toughest times when I was in hospital for three months and I couldn't have wished for anyone better."

Michelle, Politics

"We met on the first day ever at uni. We were in the same flat and had rooms opposite each other. I fancied him almost immediately. One night he asked if anyone wanted to watch Mulan and while everyone else said no, I swept in for a private movie night. He was still oblivious that I liked him until our flatmate pointed it out. We’ve now been together for over a year and still live together, I’ve even been to France to meet some of his family."

Albert, Geography

"We were in the same flat and from day one we became really good friends. It started with a few drunken kisses after nights out, but then I started getting real feelings for towards her. We had our first proper dinner date on Valentines Day last year. Then, I eventually plucked up the courage to ask her out after about three months of seeing each other. In March we'll have been together for a whole year."

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Albert and Emily

Lucy, Biological Sciences

"A random guy in the year above bought me chips after I got too drunk in freshers' week. Two months later, I have a threesome with him and one of my girlfriends from secondary school that he had 'met' on Tinder. Happy to say we met unconventionally, but, after a few more 'encounters' and a MedSoc trip to Amsterdam, we have been together since."

Hannah, Political science

"We met on November 2016 in the Green Room at the Guild for a Buddhist Meditation class. After the class, which basically consisted of me ‘meditating’ with one eye open so I could scope him out, we ended up walking in the same direction. I said to him, “don’t worry, I’m not following you,” although I obviously was. Later, I found out he had slowed down in hopes I would follow. I walked him back to the building on campus where he was working and we hugged."

Sarah, History

"I met my boyfriend on Tinder, it was the typical 'wuu2?' starter. Our first date consisted of him falling asleep in the cinema, but made up for it with conversation over a drink after. After a few more weeks, I decided to ask him on another date. For the next three months, we met up every weekend and gradually fell more and more in love with each other. After fireworks night, I asked him to be my boyfriend and we've been together ever since."

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