You can now spice up your Tinder profile in Birmingham

Tinder’s new photography service can now get you a decent date

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‘Hey Saturday’ is a photography service which specializes in creating professional standard photos specifically for dating profiles such as Tinder.

Created by photographer Saskia Nelson, it is thought to be the first dedicated dating photography company in the UK. It was originally launched four years ago but until recently was only available in London.

However, now singletons in Birmingham, Brighton, Leicester, and Edinburgh can also get that little bit of extra help to secure themselves their dream date.

Pictures won’t help the chat


Saskia employs a team of seven all-female photographers and already has a cliental of up to 50 people per month.

However, it’s not all good news as the chance of a professionally sexy Tinder photo doesn’t come cheap. The cheapest ‘Nice and Simple’ package will set you back a hefty £127, a price which will provide 30 minutes of shooting time, a change of outfit, accessories and props (probably best not to think about what that entails) and ‘three of the very best images’ provided as digital files.

The most expensive package, aptly titled the ‘Whole Shebang’ provides an hour and a half of shooting time, unlimited outfit changes, and ten images, twice the amount needed for the all-important Tinder profile.

Sadly there are no cheaper options available. Saskia’s website explains ‘I spent many years online dating and spotted a gap in the market for a niche photography business’ while the company’s Facebook page boldly claims: “The world’s first and coolest dating photography business. Our dating photos kick ass and win dates.”