The best and worst moments of the Guild Elections

Storm Doris ruined everything and the Guild ran out of free VKs

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The Guild Elections have been running throughout last week. Starting on the 23rd February, the University of Birmingham played witness to some great, and some not so great, campaigns. Over 8,000 of you voted in the Guild Elections and the results will be released tomorrow. It’s been a long, tough week for the candidates and the Tab has put together a little list of some of the highs and the lows.


The Best

When the Guild gave out pizza 

In exchange for voting the Guild gave out Free Dominos. What’s not to love? Cheesy tasting, Pepperoni topped bribery. Beautiful.

When everyone made campaign videos

Whether it was Kris-py Kreme’s Trainspotting-inspired campaign video featuring him running through campus in a kilt shouting ‘CHOOSE £2.75 VKS’, or Ellie Bean’s ‘Shout Out to My Pres’, the videos were incredibly cringey and incredibly entertaining.

When Chavonne the Sheep discovered the sesh

Chavonne the Sheep, the mascot for Shannon Farm N Fresh, had a better social life than most of us during campaign week. Despite almost being blown away in Storm Doris, he came back fighting, even making appearances at Urban!

When the candidates made their own memes

What do we love? MEMES! What did they give us? MEMES!

Salt Bae, as used by Xen

When Ellie Bean made her own Buzzfeed Quiz

It was everything we’d ever wanted from a Buzzfeed quiz. Were we Juicy Jobs or Very Cherry Student Voices? An iconic campaign move.

Am I more ‘perplexed and shocked’ as in the top left, or am I more ‘sassy and smug’ in the bottom left? I CAN’T CHOOSE

The Worst

When Storm Doris f*cked everything up

Storm Doris wreaked absolute havoc in Selly and across campus. Happening on the 24th February, the day after campaigning began, meant that everyone’s freshly made signs were blown away and strewn across campus.

Not #feline so good anymore

Shame this didn’t blow away… The Tab is NOT fake news!

When the Guild ran out of Free VKs

The Guild promised a free VK at Fab N Fresh on the 25th February for those who voted before the weekend. They did not promise enough VK’s however and hundred of students were left, tragically, VK-less inciting a bitter backlash.

Worth crying about

When no one would leave us alone!

It didn’t matter who it was, it suddenly became impossible to go ANYWHERE without being asked whether or not you’d voted. Yes, they were all very lovely but when you’re studying on campus you do not want to be asked for the 1593th time ‘Have you voted yet? Vote for me!’

When everyone changed their profile pictures

Facebook stalking suddenly got a lot harder. It was kind of like being catfished all the time. Yes you support Adam Goldstone for EDO, but who are you really???

When Kris Ali lost his lamp 

And last, but not least was the moment Kris Ali (running for HCO) lost his lamp at Fab. Speaking exclusively to the Tab, Kris Ali said: “Losing the lamp at Fab was upsetting. After having used it in all the videos and carrying it around with me everywhere as part of the One Wish Scheme, I’d formed an attachment to it. It still hasn’t been found and I would really like it back if possible.”

If you’re reading this and have any idea where the lamp is then get in touch with Kris Ali through his Facebook campaign page.

Last spotted in the Underground

Guild Elections Week was a week filled with tragedies, but best of luck to all those involved – you did a great job.