University of Birmingham ranked 15th best university in the UK

We are ranked higher than KCL and Bristol

rank UoB

The Complete University Guide has placed University of Birmingham in 15th place for 2017, out of a total of 127 universities.

It’s official- we are in the top 15 universities

This places Birmingham three places higher than its 2016 position, where it was ranked 18th place. It also places UOB ahead of other leading universities such as King’s College and Bristol.

The uni’s ranking in many of the University Subject Tables are also impressive. Birmingham university is still top 10 in subjects such as Dentistry, Mechanical Engineering and Psychology.

It has also improved in other subjects. UOB is now the best university to go to if you want to study Creative writing, and is the top eight if you want to study English.

Beautiful campus views

With such a pretty campus and such high rankings, what’s not to love about Birmingham?