Second years create Instagram account for their legendary house meals

They call themselves the ‘Chefs of Coronation’

A house of seven boys are defying stereotypes and cooking up some of the best food in Brum – and then posting their immense efforts on Instagram to make the world jealous.

The lads are calling themselves the “Chefs of Coronation” and will make your beans on toast look even more depressing than usual.

selly chefsSecond year Jamie Oliver connoisseurs Ben, Elliot, DJ, Miles, Dan, Ollie and Nick came up with the concept when contemplating how to create and share a dish that could be a variety of style, pizzaz and an added personal flair and so the movement began.

Having taken inspiration from Humans Of New York in addition to having to watch his girlfriend photograph her food from every angle, Ben and the boys knew they’d spotted a gap in the market.

Accompanying each photograph with a witty caption, they were amazed in the success the account gained in its first few weeks of being active.

We sat down with the chefs to see how it’s all going.


How did you all meet?

Ollie: “We all met in first year, when fate brought half of us together in Elgar Court and the other two were Mason wankers.”

Dan: “Think that’s an unfair statement, you’re clearly just jealous because I do a better spag bol than you.”

Ollie: “That’s because you buy your spaghetti from M&S.”

Who’s idea was it to start cooking?

Ben: “It all started one Thursday night post FIFA, pre Vodbull, I had created a masterpiece of sausages, potato roasties and peas in perfect time, I was admiring such ideal progress with Elliot and Miles when I exclaimed, this ones for the food blog! And so the idea was born.

:We’re all quite good cooks, some better than others but lets not get too into that, we definitely all support eachother in the kitchen though.”

DJ: “Yeah we definitely build up eachothers confidence.”

Elliot: “Like that one time DJ was making a steak and I knew it was nearly done but I stood back and admired the cooking process, when he took the steak off the grill it was perfect and I knew he had learnt from the best, I felt like a proud dad.”


Do you all cook or does one of you focus on the washing up?

Dan: “I’ve tried really hard this year to improve on my cooking, really venturing out but normally I’m the one subjected to cleaning the dishes post meal.”

Nick: “Moses you can’t call Doritos and sausages cooking.”

Dan: “Very me.”

So, who’s the best cook?

Miles: “Julia Moses.”

Dan: “How do you know my mums a good cook? Anyway to be honest I don’t really cook I just rely on my George foreman to whip up my dinner.”


Whose idea was it to start the Instagram account?

Ben: “Completely my idea.”

Elliot: “Absolutely not.”

Miles: “Are you joking?”

Ben: “Nope.”

Do you all eat together or in pairs?

Elliot: “One sentence you’ll hear without fail every day is ‘what time are you eating?’ I guess it’s nice to have someone to sit down with at the dinner table and simultaneously check the snapchat stories from the day.”


Are any of you going to become a chef?

Ollie: “Well obviously I’m going to persue a career in law, but potentially on the side.”

Ben: “Ollie that would make you a sous chef.”

DJ: “I’m not going to become a chef but I did get a B in GCSE food tech and living independently at uni has provided me opportunity to use the skills I learned.”

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Who’s cooking gets them the most girls?

Dan: “I’d say me.”

Nick: “Your girlfriend and mum don’t count.”

And what’s your favourite group meal to cook?

Miles: “I’d say a stir fry is a pretty popular and easy dish to make. Stir fry cooks come from all woks of life.”

What happens to left over food?

Ollie: “We give it to the Tramp outside Tesco.”

Ben: “Or it goes into the overflowing bin that hasn’t been taken out for a good three weeks.”

Do you host dinner parties?

Elliot: “Does a Stupid Tuesday pre drinks count?”

Find the boys at @chefsofcoronation