Second years bag Selly ‘dream home’ for just £90 a week

But there was more to it than met the eye

A group of second years thought they’d bagged their dream home for a miniscule £90 a week – only to find the house was falling to bits.

Originally, their hopes couldn’t have been higher. Lucy, one of the residents of the seven bedroom house on Teignmouth Road said: “It was recently renovated, so everything was new and modern. Decent sized rooms and kitchen, TVs in every room, oh and the sauna of course.”

Sorry, did you say sauna? Yes you read that right. Not only can all seven second years watch bake off simultaneously in their bedrooms, but they can also wind down on a Saturday night post Fab in the sauna.


It’s almost too clean


No mould in here

Lucy claims that they went for the house as it was “overall very snazzy”, although she confessed that once they moved in “I reckon close up it won’t be as perfect as it once seemed.”

After moving in, it became apparent that the sauna steam may have clouded their judgement. Lucy said: “Problems-wise, we have broken cupboards, we couldn’t figure out how to work the oven and thought it was broken for three days, broken shower head and door, lack of storage, the wifi doesn’t reach my room and the TV doesn’t work.”

All these problems will just melt away with a quick steam in the sauna, right? Wrong. According to Lucy, the sauna will cost “about £2 or £3 an hour to heat” so maybe hold off on asking if you can bring some White Strike round for the first sauna party just yet.


“That’ll be £3 an hour love, take it or leave it”

Lucy offered some words of wisdom for readers of The Tab about bagging your perfect home: “Start looking as early as possible, all of the good houses get snapped up quickly, especially if you want en-suites.”, she advised. But does it really pay to be posh? Despite the sauna, even Lucy will admit that when it comes to fancy student housing, “looks can be deceiving.”