Pick a side: The North/South divide is real

The Midlands aren’t a thing

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If there’s one thing uni teaches us, it’s the North South divide is no myth, and despite your protests, you do have an accent.

People who previously had no loyalty to their hometown suddenly find themselves filled with a local pride they didn’t even know they had – mostly because you get sick of people pronouncing “bath” differently.

Midlanders, you will have quickly learned taking a side is not a matter of choice.

Uni brings Northerners and Southerners together - for better of for worse

Uni brings Northerners and Southerners together – for better of for worse

The Defence of the North

Home to: the Arctic Monkeys, Cheryl Cole, The Smiths, Ant and Dec, The Beatles, Corrie, Hogwarts, and all the best characters from Game of Thrones. What’s not to love?

First things first, us Northerners are known for being friendly. And when you come to uni with an accent such as Geordie, Scouse, Manc, or Yorkshire, you’ve got to be game for a laugh.

Up North, we know the meaning of fine dining: there’s a Greggs on every corner, and if you claim not to like chips and gravy, you’re lying to yourself.

Bloody beaut.

Bloody beaut.

With our love of ale and all things alcoholic, we have an inherent ability to drink Southerners under the table. Think Geordie Shore, but less slutty.

And since it’s basically always cold in the North, we’re pretty hardy (the correct word for people who feel the cold easily, by the way, is “nesh”).

And let’s face it, push a Midlander to choose an allegiance and nine times out of 10 they’re going to say North.

Tha knows.

Tha knows.

In Defence of The South

Being from the South is great when you’re living in Selly, as every road is named after a place you know and you feel really welcomed by Birmingham when they name their longest road after your hometown.

We don’t have an accent, we have what I’d like to call “a non-regional dialect”. We’re easy to understand and we always get our grammar right. You have a lecture two UNTIL four not two WHILE four.

The South is a a lot prettier. And not just the beaches either: the cities tend to be nicer too. Exeter is definitely a lot more aesthetically pleasing than Sheffield.

Also the beaches in general. Great for dog walks, parties and surfing.

Breath taking.

Breath taking

Despite our softie reputation Southerners are getting better at drinking. Some of my maddest nights have been in Plymouth – the drinks are super cheap and quite often bar entry is free so you have to be able to handle your alcohol like a Northerner.

Also, we have cream teas… all the time. We challenge the Northen chips and gravy pride and take it to a classier level with our clotted cream and jam. Much tastier with an edge of sophistication.

In Ocejanners (Plymouth Oceana)

In Ocejanners (Plymouth Oceana)



Unfortunately this argument is never ending. Whether you’re from the Sweet South or the Rough North, stay loyal to your home town and it will stay loyal to you.