Battle of Selly Oak’s takeaways

Don’t let Roosters win

University is a waste of your time

No matter who you are, you just haven’t done it right

Who should pay on the first date?

God forbid you expect the girl to

I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour

It’s a way of life

On track for a first? 2:1s are for people who have a life

You’d be better off putting the time in getting work experience

You’re not fooling anyone with your Lent attempts

Everybody knows Lent is really just a glorified 40 day diet

Don’t judge my awful eating habits

We’ve all been there

Stop hating on Valentine’s Day

It’s not THAT bad

You’re not fashionable, you’re unoriginal

Who else got Topshop vouchers for christmas?

Pick a side: The North/South divide is real

The Midlands aren’t a thing

In defence of drinking alone: Why we should all be doing it

I don’t judge your hobbies, so don’t judge mine

I hate Christmas, and you should too

‘Tis the season of overrated commercialism

It’s Not the Distance, it’s You.

Another year, another batch of high school sweethearts about to split up.