It’s fur-reezing: Make sure your fur game is on point

The onset of winter and sub zero temperatures have brought on an abundance of fur

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Whether you’re a fan of the fur halo hat craze, or think they look more like road kill than fashion accessories, there is no escaping the fact they are everywhere.

Literally everywhere.

From supermarkets to this year’s Christmas market, fur is slowly taking over.

Even Waitrose hasn’t been able to escape them

As seen at Vale fireworks.

They’re perfect for winter evenings down the Christmas market

Or for shielding against bitter seaside cold

The beach is the perfect place for fur… right?

And even better for taking Instagram worthy snaps in your already very warm bedroom

But best of all, they double up as possibly the comfiest eye masks ever

What’s the verdict?

Love them or hate them, it doesn’t look like our furry friends are going anywhere any time soon.