How to breach your Accommodation Licence Agreement, according to Tipsy Dragon

Invite as many people as you can

If you were ever looking for a sure way to have your university accommodation on your back 24/7 and pretty much every party you throw shut down by men in bright jackets with the personality of a bar of soap, ask Tipsy Dragon to help you out, as they threw exactly one of those parties for the students in Aberystwyth University, on Fferm Penglais Campus on the 18th January, and even though it was shut down (after you read this article you’ll understand why) boy was it spectacular.

Step One – Get hold of speakers that are unnecessarily big.

Bass was a tad bit loud.

It’s common knowledge that every accommodation licence pack explains clearly that you have to control the amount of noise you make and show some respect to your neighbours, especially the people who live below and above you. So why not bring in a huge PA system and a DJ, crank up the volume and bass, just to make sure your neighbours get a taste of the party experience without having to actually go to the party.

Step Two – Bring in lighting. Lots and lots of lighting.

Your accommodation licence pack also probably say’s something about not being allowed to plug in external lights (lamps/fairy lights) into your plug sockets because of fire hazards and all that business. With the help of some professionals and with the use of PAT tested equipment, the entire flat was rigged out with some insane special FX lights, a lot of fairy lights and carnival style lights that were put on the ceiling, that added a whole new atmosphere to the accommodation.

Step Three – Empty out a room and convert it into a champagne room.

The only thing that your accommodation license pack doesn’t actually specifically ban, is converting a bedroom into a champagne room. “How is this a champagne room?” You may ask. They literally provided free Champagne, Prosecco and Wine. Though this isn’t against the rules, we had to add it, it’s pretty cool.

Step Four – Convert the Hallway into a photo booth.

Make sure everyone has a way of taking pictures when they look their finest. Tipsy Dragon decided to keep pushing boundaries by hiring a photographer to take pictures of their guests all night. Bringing their own screen to use for a back drop and setting it up just outside the flat so guests could take pictures on the way in to the flat and on the way out.

Step Five – Decorate the corridors and staircases leading to the flat.

First impressions are always important, so even if the inside of your flat looks insanely good, remember, the outside is just as important. As well as the flat, Tipsy Dragon managed to change the colour of all the lights from outside all the way up to the flat, yet again, still pushing the boundaries, even more so as they’ve taken it outside of their flat.

Step Six – Invite as many people as you can.

The next step is to invite as many people as you can to enjoy the atmosphere and all your hard work. Over 200 people showed up to the Tipsy Dragon event hosted by the Ex-President of Tipsy Dragon, Pasi Chi and the new President of Tipsy Dragon, Sizwe Chitiyo. They not only managed to fill the communal area…

They also managed to completely fill the hall way.

Step Eight – When the party does eventually get shut down, find your scapegoat.

In the very likely event that your party gets shut down, someone has to take the heat. In this case, the scapegoat was Ex-President of Tipsy Dragon, Pasi Chi. With him leaving Aberystwyth it seemed right to let it be on his head if the event went south. I mean, how could the uni kick out someone who’s leaving the next day?


Make sure all the equipment used is PAT tested and get a separate expert brought in to make sure it’s safe, even though you’re breaking rules, you don’t want to endanger the life of your guests. Emailing the accommodation office to inform them about your party but not giving them details of where (and definitely not what you’re doing) is always a good call too.

Want to look at the set up in a bit more detail? Check out the video below.