Aberystwyth’s clubbers of the week: Reading week

Your weekly dose of savage

It’s reading week for some departments but Aber’s nightlife was a far cry from quiet with some students taking the opportunity to relax in the (limited) night life of Aberystwyth. Here’s goes…

Best fancy dress effort

I can’t think of anywhere more suiting than Pier Pressure to have Olaf and Elsa – both costumes and location so last year.

Best Photo Bomb

Give the lad a round of applause: these ladies seemed to be trying their hardest with good poses against the harsh flash of the Yokos camera. It’s a shame they didn’t realise the lad trying to compromise their photoshoot.

Aber’s happiest clubber

Delighted student enjoying the banging tunes Pier has to offer from a side booth.

Aber’s most hench

Whether it was a fall or a push up this lad seems to have saved himself well despite the probable intoxication. Is the grey shirt club a society I haven’t heard of?

Aber’s best dressed

Interpol with a touch of class, these lads made the previously thought impossible, possible. If you haven’t heard these boys’ debates said with a thick Midlands accent over a VK then have you had a night out at all in Aber.

Most drunk clubber

This stupendous award goes to this mysterious lady in red. Her 4am eyes may be covered but she detracts the attention well with the use of a crown. Normal attire or fancy dress? The answer is unknown.