Welsh rugby player Gareth Davies in boozy brawl with bouncers in Aberystwyth

The rugby star was caught on video harassing a security officer

Wales rugby star Gareth Davies can be seen assaulting two older men outside Downies in Aberystwyth.

In the video published by the Sun, Davies can be seen hounding a security officer down the length of Eastgate Street with a woman in tow, begging him to stop for fear of him losing his job whilst he attempts to beat the doorman with what appears to be a shoe.

This all seems, going by the chatter in the video, to have been about the officer in question allegedly pushing the woman in the video to the ground, which she fervently denies throughout.

Downies Vaults, the popular pub outside which the incident in the footage took place

Davies proceeds to ignore the woman’s pleas and tackles the officer to the ground, refusing to let him get up while he performs an interrogation to find out whether or not he did, in fact, push the woman.

The rugby star was allowed to play in England Wales yesterday. After England defeated Wales in the nail-biting match, Davies said:  “I would like to apologise for the incident that took place. I reacted wrongly to the situation and have learnt from it and understand that I have a responsibility to the game at all times.”

Upon viewing the video, one rugby fan said: “At the end of the day, we’ve all done something stupid after we’ve had a few, he shouldn’t be punished for what he did when he was drunk.”

Another commented: “He should have thought about the legal ramifications of what he was doing, being as high profile as he is. There are cameras everywhere, he really should have known better.”