Welsh rugby player Gareth Davies in boozy brawl with bouncers in Aberystwyth

The rugby star was caught on video harassing a security officer

Aber is getting a puppy room during January exams

Exam stress and puppies go hand in hand (or paw), right?

‘He was banging on our front door’: Last night a man came to my house with a machete

A man has been arrested for wielding a machete in Aberystwyth. We spoke to the brave person who calmed him down

Aberystwyth has banned Yik Yak on uni networks

The uni says they made the decision ‘following reports of potential hate crime and bullying on Yik Yak’

Aber storms: A tree fell on an English lecturer’s car outside the Hugh Owen building

Campus security wouldn’t even let him cut it free

Yesterday’s storm in Aber was pretty bad, but experts say it definitely wasn’t a tornado

We spoke to a guy from the Met Office

The roofs of two Fferm Penglais blocks were ripped off by this morning’s storm

‘The ground and floor in the entire building shook, followed by a loud crack’

‘Absolute carnage’ as storm devastates Aberystwyth

97mph winds were recorded this morning

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Over half of Aber students think that consent classes should be compulsory

However, 40% of you also said you think they are patronising

A 200-person house party was thrown in Penglais

They received a ‘light warning’ from campus staff

Interpol Society apologises for spreading sexual assault rumour about member

The committee didn’t even acknowledge the nature of the rumours

Protest as over £800 is spent on controversial VC’s leaving ‘garden party’

A Pantycelyn campaign group has hit out at the budget for April McMahons farewell

The Tab has a Blackhouse Roller Disco ticket to give away for tomorrow night’s event

MC Devvo is playing

Aberystwyth is officially safer than Cardiff for students

Our crime rate is less than two per cent versus 5.2 per cent at Cardiff

Roller Disco coming to Aberystwyth

It’s a one off from Tipsy Dragon and Black House One

Our Vice-Chancellor is taking part in the IronMan Wales challenge

John Grattan is raising money for student hardship and well-being funds