Over half of Aber students think that consent classes should be compulsory

However, 40% of you also said you think they are patronising

In a recent Tab survey where we asked students nationwide for their thoughts on controversial consent classes on campus, 55% of Aber students said that they think the classes should be compulsory.

Out of 325 responses to the survey, 55% said that they should be compulsory, while 40% said they thought consent classes are patronising. In addition, 10% of you said you had attended consent classes, despite them not being commonly run in Aberystwyth. 4% of you said you had walked out from a class.

The idea of consent classes on university campuses continues to divide opinion on campuses across the UK. Last year, when The Tab Warwick writer George Lawlor caused uproar when he wrote a piece headlined “Why I don’t need consent classes”. The offending photograph which showed him holding up a sign saying ‘I am not a rapist’, is still fresh in the minds of those on both sides of the debate.


The photo that set the internet ablaze

At present, neither Aberystwyth university or Aber student’s union hold compulsory consent classes for students.