A 200-person house party was thrown in Penglais

They received a ‘light warning’ from campus staff

A Halloween night out in Aberystwyth isn’t for everybody. The queues alone are enough to make you consider just throwing a house party next year instead. Well these 2nd years did just that, and got the entire block involved.

Deciding that just another night out in Aber wasn’t what they wanted from Halloween this year, second-year Pasi Chi and first-year Sizwe Chitiyo threw their own block party in affiliation with the Tipsy Dragon Society.

Apparently there were no student complaints, but the party-goers got a “light warning” from campus staff.

One flat had a DJ complete with decks, coloured coriddor lights and kitchen lights and cob web decorated hallway, and another flat had a free punch & belini bar made up of pre-arranged donated ingredients, with the hallway having a ‘centre of all attention throne’ donated by the Rheidol Cafe, with the other flats involved having different types of music creating a different vibe in each flat.



Pasi Chi, one of the students who organised it, says “Generally, we had a plan to have one legendary pre-drinks for halloween. The process was simple, I first put a letter in every flat asking them what they thought,  then we created a group chat for the whole block,  then we identified which flats wanted in and which ones didn’t.”

“We then made a plan for how to manage the flats which weren’t in and noise. We then agreed to have a party from 7pm to 11pm with kick out at 10:30pm – We preordered taxis for 200 to have everyone out of Penglais at once when we kick out.

“We had signs for toilets, signs for which flats were involved, just over 200 turned up, the entire block was packed. One massive cleanup had every flat nearly spotless by 2300 and we left without a trace.”

Not your average flat party

Not your average flat party


He added: “This party could not have happened without the rest of the block agreeing and allowing us to do so. They were all great sports and I wanted to thank them all once again for us making this happen.”

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Sizwe Chitiyo, one of the other hosts, said “”Being a first year and spending my first Halloween in Aberystwyth, it’s incredible to put on such a large event where I’m living, and have everything run so smoothly without anything being damaged. It’s clear to see what a friendly and astounding community Aberystwyth University has! I can’t wait for the next time we can put on an event on that scale!”