The roofs of two Fferm Penglais blocks were ripped off by this morning’s storm

‘The ground and floor in the entire building shook, followed by a loud crack’

The roofs of Block 17 and 20, Fferm Penglais, have been ripped off following the storm that occurred at around 9am this morning.

“The ground and floor in the entire building shook  followed by a loud crack”, as described by horrified residents in block 17 & 20 at Fferm Penglais. What at first made a few think it was an earthquake or explosion turned out the be a strong gust of wind which violently ripped off the roofs off the new accommodation.

As these massive structures were lifted, they were carried over 500 meters away and seen ricocheting and bouncing over block 22 to land on the verge behind the buildings.



The front entrance to the Blocks 17 & 20 have since been cordoned off and a sign was placed in the hallway. As the wind blew in the direction of the laundrette next to block 22, a gaping hole is now visible on its roof where  one can assume a piece of debris rocketed its way into the aluminium structure.


This all comes as the BBC reports that a number of tornados have struck parts of Wales and the Midlands and was brought in by cold front. Forecasts say that the strong winds are expected to clear to the east through the course of the afternoon.

Here is an animated video of the the Block 20 roof’s journey.

The roof above seems to belong to block 20, still no trace of the block 17 roof.

Meanwhile, in other parts of Aberystwyth, trees have been uprooted, roads closed, damage to property. Social media is buzzing with photos and videos.

Watch the unions seating get launched across the concourse and onto the street”

And Fferm Penglais mentioned one again on twitter!

The forecast does not look too bad as the worst of the weather seems to have passed, however, there is a still a weather warning so please heed the signs, stay in, stay safe.