Aberystwyth has banned Yik Yak on uni networks

The uni says they made the decision ‘following reports of potential hate crime and bullying on Yik Yak’

After continued reports of bullying on Yik Yak the university has made the controversial choice to temporarily stop access to Yik Yak across the university network.

The university’s statement on the matter says: “The decision has been taken to safeguard students following reports of potential hate crime and bullying on Yik Yak.”

“Comments of this nature are unacceptable in a University which promotes fairness and equality. They also contravene our policy on the use of the network for non-academic purposes.”

Aberystwyth Student Union President Lauren Marks states “Aberystwyth University & Aber SU have a zero tolerance policy on bullying and harassment. We support actions to reduce incidents of bullying and hate crime to keep students safe, happy and healthy.”

Yik yak users are not happy

Yik yak users retaliating to the news

It has been pointed out however that this does not stop students accessing the app, with Lauren Marks pointing out that: “This is not a blanket ban and is a temporary measure. Yik Yak can still be used on other networks locally.”

Second year, and Students Against Censorship founder, Ieuan Joy told The Tab: “As with all forms of social media there are risks. Yik Yak has it’s own safeguards to deal with those that abuse it. Saying that, Yik Yak also does a lot of good as people use it when they want advice and support confidentially.

“Banning is never the answer to these things. If someone were bullied on Facebook would the university ban Facebook as well from the network?

“I am particularly disappointed that the Student Union has gone along with it even though we have been told our NUS delegates abstained when the NUS tried to do the exact same thing.”

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