Interpol Society apologises for spreading sexual assault rumour about member

The committee didn’t even acknowledge the nature of the rumours

The International Politics Society has landed itself in trouble after spreading false allegations that a member had been involved in a sexual assault.

After a meeting on Tuesday, the society was asked to retract all allegations and publish an apology.

The post on their Facebook page said: “As some of you may be aware, there have been certain issues and accusations thrown about, both in the committee and in the society.

“Yesterday the committee went to see the Union to help solve these issues and put any uncertainties to rest. We, as a committee, would like to take this opportunity to confirm that these rumours are not true, and we would kindly ask any members to stop talking about these rumours, as they are having serious effects on some members of the society.

“The committee would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any role that it may have played in this, and would like to move past this issue, for the good of the society.”


The subject of the allegations, who wishes to stay anonymous, told The Tab: “This all came about due to Emily [the president of the society] not having a good argument about why I shouldn’t be able to attend socials so she’s thrown rape accusations around. I brought the supposed victim to the union after requesting a meeting so that even she could say Emily’s accusation was bullshit.”


There is anger that the post does not offer sufficient information and apology

He added: “It’s such a serious claim to make. Even though the woman involved has confirmed that it wasn’t true, an allegation like this carries serious weight. People often still assume the bloke is guilty even if he is found innocent.

“Her apology was so half-hearted. She clearly doesn’t care for trying to fix internal cohesion in Interpol and should seriously consider her position as president of Interpol for the sake of the society. She’s been president for a month and she’s already pissed off so many people.

“Though I’m 100% committed to making sure all rape cases are taken seriously, nobody should have to go through that, and I’d like to thank the university for their fair moderation process over all of this. It’s been an incredibly stressful time.”

Emily and other members of The International Politics Society declined to comment on the matter.