‘Absolute carnage’ as storm devastates Aberystwyth

97mph winds were recorded this morning

A large gust lasting around five minutes this morning has caused devastation in Aberystwyth. As a result, trees have been uprooted, flagpoles flattened and tiles detached from houses.

The windspeed was recorded at between 94 and 97mph by the Aberystwyth RNLI Lifeboat Station.

Campus staff are directing traffic around and warning passers by that the campus is unsafe and to be careful of flying roof tiles.


Penglais Hill has been closed both ways due to an uprooted tree. South road and Pier Street have been closed due to roof tiles coming off and striking the ground below.


Pandora, an Aber student, said there was “carnage on campus”.

She added: “It was mad, trees down, union doors smashed, massive furniture picked up from outside arts centre. Scary stuff!”