Why Yoko’s is – and deserves to be – the most popular venue in Aber

All roads lead to Yoko’s

If you are from a big city or have explored the party scene in other countries,  experiencing Aberystwyth nightlife can be quite a culture shock. I wouldn’t say it was bad as that opinion is subjective but it is certainly different.

An article was recently published as to why Yoko’s was the worst part of a night out. There must be a reason everyone ends up at Yoko’s when there are other late night venues in town still open. If Yoko’s was that bad, why are so many people still going there? A little research dug up some fascinating facts that many people might not have known.

Yoko’s sponsor in excess of 35 teams ranging from sporting, cultural and arts societies. Their budget for this financially takes them into five figures annually. This is great for student societies which generally need the cash.

They host many charity events held by the various student charities which raise thousands of pounds on an annual basis. Some of you may remember the recent Tickled Pink Glitter Party. This event hosted in Yoko’s featured Glitter Cannons, Glitter Stations and Photo booths. It was one of Aberystwyth’s most popular events last term.

Yoko’s employ approximately 60 students each year, many returning after leaving university as full-time staff, managers, and assistant managers. All employees are entitled to full employment rights and pensions. The staff are very friendly and super fun!

Yoko’s is a small, local, independent business, unlike most big city venues, most patrons to Yoko’s can actually name all the door staff (which is a good thing). Their drinks prices are amongst the cheapest in Aberystwyth which makes them affordable to students.

Yoko’s has done more for students and the local community than most venues. No venue is perfect and you are bound to find some immature people who cannot handle their drink in popular venues like Yoko’s but this, however, is not the fault of the venue. It can be argued that a venue being popular is a reflection of the town’s tastes. Yoko’s exists because this is what the majority of its customers in Aber like and they are likely to continue to exist so long as they have a demand.

Lastly, I don’t think I have ever heard anyone saying they felt unsafe or unwelcome in Yoko’s. Yes, you will find me in Libertines – but as the night progresses, eventually all roads lead to Yoko’s and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.