Everything you have to do in Aberystwyth before the term ends

We’ve found Wales’ biggest dodgeball game and it’s ‘every man for himself’

Living in a seaside town has its perks, especially during the summer but when the temperature drops and winter storms start, Summer spirits can quickly turn to winter blues. Do not despair, we have scoured the internet to find you all the fun things you could do keep you entertained in Aberystwyth before the end of this academic term.

Whether you are a tea drinker or a raver,  these are our top pics of dates and events worth putting into your social calendar.

Aberystwyth University’s Dodgeball: The Big Game


Date: Sunday 27th November

Time: 14:00–1630

This one seems like loads of fun! Aberystwyth’s Dodgeball Club is hosting Wales first ever giant dodgeball game. There can only be 1 winner… it’s everyone for themselves! The sides will be whittled down until there are only 2 people left standing to compete for the grand prize bundle! Need we say anymore? See the event page.

RocSoc’s RAG Roc Event


Date: 1st December 2016

Time: 2100 -0300

From the people who recently brought you Aber’s Fet Night, this alternative society is doing a big open mic night in support of the Sophie Lancaster foundation. This makes it straight to this list because though it is a late one, it offers something different opposed to the usual booze-filled night out in Yoko’s and Harley’s. In fact, going to a RocSoc night is something everyone should do at least once before they end the year at Aberystwyth. See the event page.

Aberystwyth Christmas Tree Light Switch On and Bonanza

Date: 3rd December 2016

Time: 1600 – 1900

As Aberystwyth turns on its Chrismas lights, there will be a parade to start from Maes Lowri (St Mike) at 4pm, going down New Street, Pier Street, Great Darkgate Street and arriving at Owain Glyndwr Square. Baker Street will be closed all day for stalls. We picked this one because is a once in a year event that is family friendly, which is a nice change from the more hardcore booze filled daily student nights. See the event page.

Tipsy Dragon’s Carnival Night


Date: 3rd December 2016

Time: 2100 – 0200

If you have never been to an Electro-Swing night in a carnival themed venue with ghetto funk, manic mashups and fun times, this is your opportunity. It comes from the same society which brought a roller-disco to Aberystwyth in October for their ONE festival with Black House. They also recently had a 200 person house-party. With each Tipsy Dragon event being completely different from the last, this time, they have created an in-door carnival night which features entertainers, decadent decor, barmy performers, mind-bending set designs, crazy visuals and a big fat dollop of fun with help from their friends over at Swing City. See the event page.

The Glitter Party


Date: 8th December 2016

Time: 2200 – 0400

Promising GLITTER CANNONS, music room DJ George Little, glitter stations and photo booths, plus many more extras. Tickled Pink society have partnered with one of the popular local venues to bring this night. While it is in a venue everyone goes to anyway, what caught our eye was the extra effort they seem to have made to make this a stand-out night. The event page already has nearly 300 people mark themselves as attending on a Thursday! That is impressive.  See the event page.

Xmas Ball 2016

Date: 9th December 2016

Time: 2130 – 0200

Did you know that the university has a Christmas ball? Neither did we. Billed as the event of the year with Ibiza Resident DJs, there is not much more we can say about this one because there isn’t anything else on their event page. Oh, they have a free photo booth and £10 entry. 40 people are going last time we checked. In all seriousness though, people have always wanted an end of year ball, well here it is.  See the event page.

Lastly, the war memorial is illuminated red to mark this year’s poppy appeal. This year also marks 100 years since the battle of the Somme during the First World War. There are conflicting reports as to how much longer it will be red for but if you are ever taking an evening stroll, it might be worth checking out. Just in case you have no idea what the War Memorial is, here is a pic.


It is important to note that there are many other exciting things going on in and around town, most of which are great RAG events put on by the student societies, these were just some of our picks. Whatever you get up to, here is hoping you have loads of fun, stay safe.